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Bonanza Casino Upgrades to a Digital Display

February 05, 2015

After 40 years, Bonanza Casino has upgraded to a customized state-of-the-art digital media marquee.

“This gives us more messaging flexibility. Not only can we display a specific message to welcome guests for corporate meetings, but it also allows us to be more strategic and time specific as far as marketing messages,” said Ryan Sheltra, General Manager of the Bonanza Casino.

Customized features of the YESCO digital display sign include Bonanza Casino’s iconic steer skull horns and skull head, which were designed in Reno by YESCO Reno’s lead designer Jim Grande. The 16-foot skull horns and skull head were hand made in Las Vegas and the sign structure was built from scratch at its Logan, Utah facility.

The 7’x20” double faced 16 mm digital display has a 128×36.8 pixel matrix in each face with a total of 282,624 diodes of the highest possible quality to ensure perfect color presentation, maximum energy efficiency and long range durability. It is operated by a state-of-the-art radio frequency and computer system.

The sign structure stands 38 feet high, over 20 feet wide and weights nine-and-a-half tons. To ensure a cost effective operation, the sign also features a 100% LED illumination lighting system, which requires less power consumption than Bonanza Casino’s previous marquee.

“We have done numerous upgrades and renovations to the inside of the building. Between this upgrade, and painting the building exterior last year, our outside now matches our inside,” said Sheltra.

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