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Is outdoor digital signage eco-friendly?

September 23, 2016

Sept. 23, 2016 | by Daniel Waldron

Is your business eco-conscious? Are you unsure if outdoor digital signage is eco-friendly? Perhaps this will solve your dilemma.

You’re considering upgrading from print-based advertising to digital advertising. You’ve already made the transition to online, but the problem is you’re not reaching the customer on the ground — those customers who enjoy a visit to Main Street or the shopping malls.

The only way you know how to reach them is by using posters or billboards, which require huge amounts of paper and create even more waste, which is a black mark against your business in these eco-friendly times.

You’ve looked at outdoor digital signage as a solution and perhaps created an “objection list.” Perhaps that list looks something like this:

  • digital signage costs too much;
  • it’s too much effort to maintain; and
  • my business is too small to go digital.

You’re asking the wrong question about outdoor digital signage…

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