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Prismview working with our Community

September 25, 2016


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Neighborhood Housing Solutions, a Utah based Non-profit organization, recently celebrated their 20th anniversary.  They approached Prismview for support at the party to honor the non-profit and the families they serve. Prismview coordinated, delivered and set up a huge, 18’ wide x 10’ tall, high resolution LED video display as part of the event. This enabled Neighborhood Housing Solutions to show a presentation of their history as well as a fully animated movie. Over the past 20 years, Neighborhood Housing Solutions has assisted more than 2500 low-income families secure housing throughout Utah, including the construction of 373 new single family homes, assisting in the purchase of 157 homes for families with disabilities, improvement of 94 existing homes, and construction of 289 units in Multi-family structures. Prismview is proud to partner with organizations like Neighborhood Housing Solutions that are committed to providing such wonderful support for our community.

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