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  • Samsung Illuminates Dehli’s National Science Centre

Samsung Illuminates Dehli’s National Science Centre

January 05, 2017

National Science Centre

Prismview – A Samsung Electronics Company, recently completed installation of a digital
display in a new market. The National Science Centre, Delhi commissioned a new 8 foot wide by
14 foot tall digital display to shine above the main entrance to the facility. Since 1992, the Centre
has been dedicated to “the popularization of science among the people of the northern part of
India in general and among the students in particular.” As Prismview’s first installation in India,
Prismview is excited for the opportunity to provide the display that will welcome more than half
a million visitors annually to the exciting, interactive museum. With brilliant colors and smooth
animations, Prismview’s displays are distinctive in the industry. A local representative
commented, “In India we have a large population of Chinese made displays. This one just
stands out.” With this installation, Prismview looks forward to increasing its presence in the
international marketplace.

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