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  • Ocean Odyssey Encounter – NatGeo, New York City, New York, USA

Ocean Odyssey Encounter – NatGeo, New York City, New York, USA

October 25, 2017
National Geographic selected Prismview – A Samsung Electronics Company to supply a digital video solution for the new Ocean Odyssey Encounter near Times Square in New York City. Three exterior displays, directly above the front entrance, utilize tight-knit 8mm LED pixel spacing providing smooth and dynamic content. At over 11.5’ wide and almost 19’ tall, the primary display creates a window to the exhibit. Two upper story displays angle out from the building façade and light up the street below. These 6.5’ wide x 10’ tall displays complement the main display with attention grabbing brightness and superior image quality.
Within the National Geographic Encounter, Prismview supplied two extremely high-resolution video displays. With only 2.5mm between LED pixels, these displays provide crisp, clear images and animations even when viewed at close distance. One of these immersive interior displays is 12.5’ wide and 7’ tall, and offers vivid, larger than life views of the Encounter. The final display is a jaw dropping video wall, 6,144 pixels wide x 864 pixels tall – larger than forty-eight 40” flat panel TVs.

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