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  • SSA Times Square – Pretoria, South Africa

SSA Times Square – Pretoria, South Africa

October 25, 2017

SSA Times Square selected Prismview, A Samsung Electronics Company as a supplier of two exterior LED displays at the destination in Pretoria, South Africa. The primary display consists of over 1.3 million pixels. At 51 feet wide and 31 feet tall, the display with 10mm pixel spacing, is the size of approximately three hundred and six 40” flat panel TVs. The secondary display, also utilizing 10mm pixel spacing, shines with over half a million pixels, and measures 31 feet wide and 20 feet tall. The building façade at the display locations presented challenges to the overall design and installation requirements of the each display. The walls curve at both display locations, and angle out through the height. These architectural elements created an opportunity for Prismview engineers to create a display with a convex shape and downward facing angle to complement the existing structure.

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