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Digital Out of Home

Digital Out of Home

Our off-premise LED displays are utilized for Outdoor Advertising.(Billboards and Out of Home signage)
Prismview Digital Outdoor displays lead the industry in ease of installation, brightness, image clarity, contrast, energy efficiency, durability and serviceability.
With over 2,000 off-premise advertising displays built and installed worldwide since 2002, Prismview continues to be the leader in the Outdoor Advertising Market.

Features and Benefits

Advanced Module Design

Advanced processor On-board power supply Fewer failure points

Industry Leading Brightness

Environmentally friendly Decreased operating costs without sacrificing brightness

Premium Diodes

Highest brightness and color uniformity available in the world

High Contrast

Better performance in direct sunlight Vibrant colors

Peek and Tweak

In-field module calibration to keep brightness uniformity for the life of the display

IP65 cabinet and IP67 modules

Highest levels of protection against moisture, contaminants and corrosion


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