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About Us

Prismview is a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. We are best known for our reliable products, dazzling image quality, best-in-industry energy efficiency, and ease of installation. Prismview began designing and manufacturing our own electronic message displays in the early 1990s, when we could not find acceptable products or sufficient service in the marketplace. Located in Las Vegas, NV at the time, our first customers were from the gaming industry. Our displays had to survive in the most demanding conditions – 24/7 use in the punishing Las Vegas heat. Today we have deployed thousands of displays, and are proud to have installed some of the largest, most complex and recognizable LED displays in the world, including:

In 2002, we installed our first LED digital billboard display for the outdoor advertising industry. We have grown to become one the world’s largest digital outdoor display manufacturers with over 2,000 installations throughout North America and Western Europe and as far away as Melbourne, Australia. Recently, we have taken our expertise in precise project management and high quality LED displays to the sports industry. We currently have indoor LED products at Michigan State University, Vanderbilt, and the San Antonio Spurs arenas. Outdoor sports installations include Michigan and Daytona International Speedways, and Vanderbilt and Utah State University Football stadiums. Demanding projects and customers demand Prismview. Let us show you why we’re the trusted choice of the world’s most recognized brands.