• Pricing and Cost

Pricing and Cost

The Cost of a Digital Display Deployment

Beyond the unit price of a digital display, there are a number of additional costs to be considered in the deployment of a digital display. Surprisingly, these costs can vary widely, depending on the project.

The Initial Cost

ItemPrismview LED Displays
Unit CostVaries based on product type, size, and other variables
Sales TaxRelative
Power UpgradeOur displays run at 76 amps - 100 amps
Electrical UpgradeNot needed in most cases
Electrical PermitContact your local planning offices for more information
Sign PermitWe offer assistance with getting Sign permits from municipalities
Structural EngineeringOur staff of structural engineers will review and consult on your structural drawings
Structural UpgradeBased on our review, we can provide any upgraded that is needed
FreightShipping is billed separately at no markup.
InstallationOur displays are usually shipped in one piece, and can be installed in 2-6 hours.
CommunicationsBased on your setup, communication can be local, or networked for Out-Of-Home(OOH) operation.
On-site TechnicianOur on-site technicians will be there to help you with the install and setup of your new sign.
Project ManagementYour Project Manager will be there for you 24/7, from start to finish and beyond.
TotalThe total cost varies, but we aim to be the highest in quality, and the best in price.
Prismview offers a long-term cost evaluation to help you understand how much it will cost month-to-month, and even day-to-day. Once you purchase your digital display, it will require power, the occasional maintenance, software upgrades, and content to play on the sign. We can help with those, and keep your investment shining bright.

The Operational Cost

ItemPrismview Support & Service
Warranty12 month labor & 60 months parts
Monthly MaintenanceThe first 12 months are covered by warranty, after that our Maintenance Agreement is available for continued on-site service
MonitoringIncluded for digital billboards, and available for all digital displays connected to the internet
Monthly ElectricalBased on local rates
Software UpgradesPV software upgrades are included
Creative ServicesThe Start Up Subscription gives you 90-days of FREE downloads from our Creative Group, with leveled subscriptions for long-term content creation & scheduling.
We offer the best in monitoring, maintenance, and creative services. Our 24/7 Technical Support team is available to help with any troubleshooting or maintenance issues. The Creative Group is a team of graphic artists with the experience and knowledge to make your sign look it’s best.

To learn more and request a cost estimate, contact one our sales representatives.

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