• IF015H (Pixel pitch 1.5)

IF015H (Pixel pitch 1.5)|1.5 mm Indoor LED Signage

P1.5 LED Signage with superior picture quality and intuitive usability

Pixel Pitch 1.5 mm
Dimensions (WxH) 480x540 mm
Brightness 1,600 nit / 800 nit
Contrast Ratio 10,000:1 / 5,000:1
Color temperature 6,500K
Refresh rate Selectable
Operation Conditions
LED Lifetitme 100,000 hours

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Key Features
Superior picture quality
With more businesses turning to LED display for an enhanced customer experience, Samsung’s fine pixel pitch IF Series displays offer an ideal combination of superior picture quality and intuitive usability. The IF Series combines Samsung’s leading video processing technologies with High Dynamic Range (HDR) picture refinement to add clarity and sophistication to featured content – all within a compact, easy-to-maintain design. In turn, indoor users can deliver more realistic and memorable content without incurring additional costs or added burden.
Advanced color calibration
Each IF Series display undergoes thorough factory calibration, which fine-tunes all sub-pixels to achieve uniform brightness and color chromaticity out of the box. Samsung provides convenient on-site sub-pixel calibration using a compatible DSLR camera, eliminating the need for burdensome radiant cameras and external software often required to calibrate comparable displays. As these displays are installed, module to module calibration and advanced picture setting using Samsung LED Signage Manager (LSM) maintains an excellent and consistent presentation.
Energy-saving cabinet design
For added installation flexibility, the Samsung IF Series displays leverage a compact design that is significantly lighter than comparable alternatives. Full-front access to critical signage components ensures a neat installation free of catwalk space, while complementary rear access enables more convenient and quick-turn maintenance. Through their advanced cabinet structure, the IF Series displays can be positioned without the seams that typically accompany more challenging frontal implementations.

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