• IF025H-E (Pixel pitch 2.5)

IF025H-E (Pixel pitch 2.5)|2.5 mm Indoor LED Signage

P2.5 / Revitalize indoor customer engagement


Pixel Pitch 2.5 mm
Dimensions (WxH) 480x540 mm
Brightness 2,000 nit / 1,000 nit
Contrast Ratio 10,000:1 / 5,000:1
Color temperature 6,500K
Refresh rate Selectable
Operation Conditions
LED Lifetitme 100,000 hours

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Key Features
LED HDR picture refinement technology
Samsung’s fine pixel pitch IF-E Series LED displays captivate customers through more realistic and memorable content. The IF-E Series combines industry-best video processing technologies with High Dynamic Range (HDR) picture refinement for added clarity and sophistication.
Detailed, customized color presentation
Compatibility with various color gamut settings allows broadcast studios, galleries and other specialized indoor operations to customize color expression for their unique needs. This compatibility preserves color accuracy and visual power, and ensures that content catches eyes and resonates.
Clean and hassle-free installation
The IF-E Series’ compact design ensures a flexible, seamless implementation in any indoor setting. Full-front access to critical signage components ensures a tidy activation free of catwalk space, while versatile rear access offers more convenient, quick-turn maintenance.

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