• IF085H-DL (Pixel pitch 8.5)

IF085H-DL (Pixel pitch 8.5)|8.5 mm Indoor LED Signage

Consistent and colorful presentation in any indoor environment

Pixel Pitch 8.5 mm
Dimensions (WxH) 56x84
Brightness 3,400 nit / 2,000 nit
Contrast Ratio 8,500:1 / 5,000:1
Color temperature 6,500K
Refresh rate Selectable
Operation Conditions
LED Lifetitme 100,000 hours

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Key Features
Optimize Content Brilliance
The IF-DL Series’ dynamic peaking technology combats natural or ambient lighting interference. Dynamic peaking elevates content to peak brightness levels nearly twice the standard LED signage maximum. In turn, the IF-DL Series produces brilliant content that shines against any background.
Customize color presentation
Detailed color management allows IF-DL Series users to select, store and deploy the RGB shades that best fit their unique branding and content needs. Through this convenience, corporate facilities, museums and other environments can quickly deploy content at high clarity across multiple screens.
Expand Composition Possibilities
The IF-DL Series’ advanced design includes eye-catching convex and concave curved configurations (up to 6,000R). Businesses can also align their IF-DL Series displays on an incline or adhere them to a ceiling, opening new engagement possibilities regardless of environmental constraints.

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