• XPE100(Pixel pitch 10)

XPE100 (Pixel pitch 10)|10mm Outdoor LED Signage

High resolution, coated boards & sealed cabinet encasement built for bright,
readable screens that last in any environment.

Pixel Pitch 10.32mm (.40625”) centers
Dimensions (WxH) 330x165 mm
Brightness 7,500 nit
Contrast Ratio 10,000:1
Color temperature 4,500 - 9,000K (adjustable)
Refresh rate 49,920 Hz
Operation Conditions
LED Lifetitme 100,000 hours

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Key Features
Industry’s highest-quality, tier-one LED diodes
Prismview LED signage combines top-tier diodes with exclusive proprietary technology to deliver incredibly life-like picture quality already proven with Prismview’s TV and Smart Signage. Fabricated with top-tier diodes, Prismview LED signage boasts deeper contrast and a wider viewing angle.
Superior picture quality
Prismview’s Auto Contrast Enhancer optimizes screen contrast to create deeper blacks and purer whites, resulting in vivid image expression and superior texture. Additionally Prismview’s PurColor technology increased the number of color adjustment points by a factor of seven, resulting in a rich and detailed range of colors.
Advanced color calibration
Prismview’s advanced color calibration reduces color expression gaps that can cause distracting image irregularities. Factory calibration tunes the screen’s individual sub-pixels, ensuring precise brightness uniformity and color chromaticity across each screen. After installation, the displays can be adjusted on site with Prismview’s embedded calibration software, Smart LED Signage Manager (SLSM).
Energy-saving cabinet design
Prismview’s cabinet design extends the lifespan of the display, saves energy and reduces total cost of ownership (TCO). Adaptive temperature control and improved ventilation lower the display’s heat profile, reducing cooling costs and increasing durability. The optimized layout of electric circuits minimizes thermal interference and preserves image quality, allowing us to switch to a fanless design that has reduced the ambient noise produced by the display.
Embedded Receiver
Prismview LED displays come with an embedded HDBase-T RX module. This module can download video or images from a transmission source up to 100m away without any loss in quality, reducing startup costs and network overhead.
Integrated Signal Box
Simplify installation and content delivery with S-Box, an integrated signal box that replaces expensive external video processors. Designed to work with MagicInfo, S-Box is able to deliver high-quality, synchronized content to multiple screens quickly and conveniently.

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