• XPR-B P10 8×4 (192×96 pixels)

XPR-B P10 8×4 (192×96 pixels)|XPR-B Series LED signage solution Samsung’s Flexible All-In-One Package

Pixel Pitch 10.416mm
Dimensions (WxH) 2080 x 1094 mm / 81.9 x 43.1 inch
Brightness 7,000 nit
Contrast Ratio 7,000:1
Color temperature 6,500K
Refresh rate 7680hz
Operation Conditions
LED Lifetitme 100,000 hours

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Key Features
Low profile design
XPR-B Series’ cabinet increases the aesthetics of the display by reducing the visual presence of the cabinet. At only 5” deep, the display integrates within the surrounding structure; to put is simply, viewers see the
message, not the cabinet.
Front ventilation
The XPR-B Series’ unique ventilation system has air intake and exhaust all through the front face of the display. This removes the burden of side and rear air flow requirements. This critical innovation allows for flush mounting of the cabinet within a structure.
Designed to impress
The XPR-B series is designed with a sleek style and slim depth is attributed to its front ventilation system and captive mounting points. This slim design does not distract audiences away from the content presented and complements the site where the displays installed.
Ease of installation
Incorporating the XPR-B series into any business is straightforward and stress-free. With a distinctive cabinet design, the display is tailored to the user’s needs with a flexible and effortless installation. In addition, users may obtain the LED Signage in as little as two weeks.
Integrated operational safeguards
The XPR-B series features multiple operational safeguards to prevent errors and interruptions. The displays protect against power disruption as each power supply unit is coupled with a back-up addition.
Cloud based management
An essential component of the XPR-B Series offering, the Banner Content Management Solution (Banner CMS) platform enables users to conveniently create and share custom messaging across their display network. Banner CMS is compatible with a range of personal devices and content file formats, introducing a new range of LED-ready visual possibilities for content managers. Additionally, users can leverage the Banner CMS platform’s centralized management hub to update and schedule content and monitor overall operational performance in a single location.
Option for Double-Sided Display
WIth any highway billboard or local message center that is on the street, it is crucial to get a double sided display to have the ability to advertise to each direction of traffic. A double sided LED display allows you to double to viewers of your display.
Convenient and easy to use
The Banner CMS platform is engineered for simplicity, making it easy for users to prepare, schedule and deploy custom content. Compatible with personal devices, including tablets, PCs and smartphones, Banner
CMS empowers users to work within the platform anywhere, anytime. With minimal implementation and training required, users can begin building captivating content immediately.

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