• Why Prismview

Why Prismview

Why Prismview LED?

Make a big impact with Prismview SMART LED signage, a cutting-edge display solution
that delivers a truly impressive large-scale viewing experience

Vibrance, color, clarity and impact are what it is all about and time after time, Prismview has proven to be the best. It starts with the quality of LEDs. We carefully specify our LED selections from only industry leading suppliers. The highest quality LEDs, combined with our In-Plant Whole-Sign Calibration process, image processing, and our Industry-Leading Contrast Ratio combine to create the best looking displays and our in-field calibration capabilities keep our displays looking great.
  • In-Plant Whole Sign Calibration

    In addition to using only top-shelf diodes, our calibration methodology sets us apart. We whole-sign calibrate our displays in our plant, ensuring overall brightness and color uniformity. We can also calibrate to a customer-specified color gamut. This assures flesh tones are correct and colors are true; regardless of video equipment used.
  • Peek and Tweak Feature

    Over time, all LEDs eventually dim. Should you need to replace a module during the life of the display, our Peek and Tweak feature provides the ability to easily adjust the brightness of a module to match the rest of the display.
  • Image Processing

    Prismview’s proprietary image processing technology creates better and brighter colors as well as smoother video. Superior gamma control offers an industry leading color depth, even at the lowest levels of brightness.
  • Industry-Leading Contrast Ratio

    Our proprietary plastic designs ensure the industry’s best contrast ratio. Being able to provide the darkest, black face (see white paper “Contrast is King”) allows colors to ‘pop’, and helps images come alive.
Our experience testing are your assurance that we are building the most robust displays on the market, and your next display will be better than your last. Our objective is the same as yours, displays that are operational for a long time. Each Prismview design runs through a gauntlet of testing including temperature chambers with extreme fluctuations of heat and cold, salt fog chambers with extreme humidity in a highly corrosive environment.
In addition, production runs are thoroughly tested for contamination and quality throughout the manufacturing process.
  • Military-Grade Testing

    Outdoor displays need to be tough, so we test all of our LED arrays to military-grade standards.
    1. Salt Fog Chamber: Simulates real-life conditions in a damp environment.
    2. Climate and Humidity Chamber: Life cycle test simulates changing temperatures and humidity.
    3. Automated optical inspections
    4. C3 Contamination and Ionograph Testing: Advanced testing guarantees military-grade standards of cleanroom maintenance, ensuring a contamination-free manufacturing environment.
  • Enhanced Weather Proofing

    LED signage is designed to operate seamlessly in the hottest, coldest, and wettest environments in the world. We use a nanotechnology coating solution developed to protect the signage’s circuits from any liquids, the same solution used by the U.S. military to protect its equipment. Each display passes through a proprietary three-step waterproofing process.
  • Redundancy

    Prismview displays offer a number of redundant components to ensure maximum display up-time. As many as two power supplies per square foot ensure fewer outages and smaller affected areas in the event of a failure. Signal data travels multiple directions to provide continuous playback even with a loose or failed cable. On select models, display hardware can play back-up images in the event of a player failure.
  • FCC Compliance

    Every type of display panel Prismview offers has been tested and exceeds FCC Part 15 regulations for electromagnetic interference (EMI), and each display is labeled with the FCC 2 part statement of compliance. Prismview displays also exceed the more stringent European regulations and are CISPR 32 verified.
A long-term product investment like an LED display involves not only a hefty cost, but also time invested to ensure continuous smooth operation.
Therefore, operational reliability and convenience underlies all of Prismview displays. With years of expertise and an optimized end-to-end management solution, our Prismview team ensures you receive the valuable and efficient service you deserve, from installation to operation support, for the lifetime of the product.
  • Ease of installation

    The real cost of an electronic display goes far beyond the purchase price. Our state of the art automated manufacturing processes allow us to produce a quality product in Logan, Utah that is competitively priced with products manufactured anywhere in the world. Instead of shipping individual modules that require laborious on-site installation, we build our displays in the largest possible pieces to ease on-site installation. For instance, we build and ship 14’ x 48’ displays in one piece, so install can be completed in as little as a few hours.
    (see white paper “The Real Cost of a Digital Display Deployment”).
  • Lean on our experience

    Treating customers fairly and recognizing a long term business concern relies on long term customers. This has been the Prismview philosophy since the foundation. Prismview is committed to customer success. From initial concepts to installation and ongoing maintenance, we have the experience, talent and resources to exceed your needs for quality electronic displays. We are actively involved with the International Sign Association (ISA) and Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) on code and legislative concerns, and were integral to the integration of the AMBER Alert system with digital displays.
  • Optimized support

    Free software upgrades, freight billed with no mark-up, and industry leading warranties combined with 24/7/365 support make Prismview an outstanding value
    1. Remote Monitoring : Pre-emptive real-time monitoring, diagnostics and support from our NOC). Using an LED dot error analysis system, our monitoring team can recognize errors before they occur, allowing us to ensure an uninterrupted visual experience by dispatching a service team as soon as we diagnose an issue.
    2. Phone Support available 24/7/365 with trained factory technicians.
Prismview always strives to provide sustainability, in all of its forms. This includes a commitment to both business and the environment.
Through a continuous effort to uphold a proactive engagement in the business community and offer quality green products, we are making a promise to stay dedicated to our customers and to the environment.
  • Recyclable

    98% of a Prismview display is recyclable.
  • Green solution

    Environmentally conscious, our displays are the most energy efficient available, having achieved California’s coveted Green Leaf Certification. Combined with an optimized power supply system, Prismview’s displays offer up to thousands of dollars in electricity savings over their lifetime. Even though our new displays are engineered to be the most durable and longest lasting, they are also designed to be 98% recyclable material.

Prismview Smart LED Signage

Prismview LLC is a leading LED signage manufacturer with thousands of successful global deployments.
As an LED industry pioneer for more than 20 years, Prismview’s reliable signage technologies deliver dazzling image quality, best-in-class energy efficiency and the highest level of quality and reliability for customers across a range of markets.

Samsung Electronics acquired the company, then known as YESCO Electronics, in March 2015 to add LED expertise to its diverse display portfolio. The name change from YESCO Electronics to Prismview is the result of a directive intended to better align Prismview’s identity with its new parent company Samsung Electronics. Since the Samsung acquisition, Prismview has begun to spread throughout the world with innovative displays, cutting-edge technology and exceptional service.

We help you command the world’s attention. Let our experts answer questions about the benefits of products customized for your business.